Migrate targets birds and animals with shifting migration ranges and encourages users to get outdors and spot them!

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Our Client

This iOS app is created for Dr. Richard Chandler of the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. He is an associate professor at the University of Georgia and seeks to find the southernmost bird species in a given region. While contributing vital data, Migrate collections are helping researchers study the effects of climate change and discover the southernmost species within regions, to help track shifting migration ranges.


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Our Team

Meet the students that created Migrate!

Tony Dang
Design and Content Creator
Josie Hanewich
Media and Content Director
Emily Matthews
Lead Application Developer
Paige Watkins
Project Manager and Designer

Development Process

Here are the deliverables that helped us develop our final product!

Team Role Contract

This document defines what our team roles are, our responsibilities and how we work together.

Project Plan

This plan serves as a proposal for how we execute tasks, defines our potential roadblocks and our goals through the duration of the project. .

Exploratory Research

This research addresses our client, sources that have inspired our thinking and competitors with pre-existing apps.


The PR/FAQ is written as our future final product has been successfully released.

User Research

This research is a summation of our findings so far on what features users may or may not use and incorporates future plans we want to implement.

UX Map

This map is a storyboard of the vision of how we would like our app to look like and function.


This is a zip file with the rough draft of our complete final project. This includes every screen and interaction.

Visual Design Document

This document encompasses all the style components of our project.


This version is an extension of our 1.0 version. Major improvments are included as well as small additions.

Client Handoff Document

These deliverables are a combination of all the elements we need to launch our product.

One Pager

This one page document serves as an informational handout for guest and spectators looking at our product.


This poster is a visual display highlighting our project.

Project Trailer

This small clip showcases what our app is and the features it includes.

Project Files

This zip file comprises of all the necessary files to recreate our application.

Operational Project

This is a screen recording of the native app functioning.

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